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In the heart of Scandinavia’s mobility center, Lindholmen Science Park, we are creating a new tech arena for startups and technology-driven companies: The Yard. Whether you are new in the tech industry, a fast growing scaleup company or a tech business with wind in it sails, here you will find coworking spaces with workshop possibilities, but most important a creative community where you can meet, challenge, test and create tomorrow’s solutions.

Right now we are launching a first version of The Yard inside a old shipyard building from the glory days of shipbuilding in Gothenburg, Pannverkstaden. The starting point of a unique tech arena, and it begins with you, join us in creating The Yard.

Workshop hall with coworking

While Silicon Valley may have its legendary garages, The Yard offer an innovative environment that brings together the same vibrant energy and entrepreneurial spirit, but with a Scandinavian twist. Here we embrace our inner tech nerds and create a hub where groundbreaking ideas come to life.

Our members:

Logotyp för företaget Intended Future

Intended Future

Intended Future is a deep-tech company developing intelligent agents for the automotive, architecture, and aerospace industries. We leverages data-informed insights to help brands enhance the perceived quality and customer satisfaction of their products.

intendedfuture.aI (öppnas i nytt fönster)
Logotyp för företaget QualiSafe


QualiSafe solve complex and abstract problems in product safety and quality with a systems engineering approach that is value-based, data-driven and agile. Customers such as Volvo and KNIGHTEC.

qualisafe.se (öppnas i nytt fönster)
Logotyp för The Yard-medlem Cstrider.


Innovation on Water. Providing advanced transportation solutions for cities on the waterways.



Anodox manufactures and supplies high capacity, high power batteries, and IoT modules. We are experts in design, development, production, deployment, operation, maintenance and recycling processes. Our team has breadth and depth of experience in automotive, micromobility, grid and marine applications. Anodox is driven by a desire to make transport and electricity supply cleaner. We do this through delivering quality energy system products and services.

Actrify logo.


ACCELERATE ZERO EMISSION. We drive the transformation towards electrification. Our team takes action to create a technology edge with our clients. We strive to create a sustainable and more intelligent world with our clients because we believe that nothing needs to be wasted.


Find us at Lindholmen

Valdemar Noréns gata 12, Lindholmen

The Yard at Utrustningsverkstaden coming 2024

This year The Yard will be upscaled and move from Pannverkstaden to Utrustningsverkstaden which is located right by the river. Utrustningsverkstaden will offer a large workshop hall and three floors of office space. More info soon.

Logotyper för Älvstranden Utveckling, Business Region Gothenburg och Lindholmen Science Park.

Together we make it possible

In old shipyard environment, in the middle of everything that makes Gothenburg unique, we create the conditions for passionate tech entrepreneurs to challenge today's solutions. Together, inspired by each other and in collaboration with some of the country's and the world's leading companies, we find new ways. It is in these intersections that innovation is created.

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Melina Garhed

Melina Garhed

Näringsliv- och marknadsansvarig 031-368 96 09
Mejla Melina melina.garhed@alvstranden.goteborg.se
Fernanda Aragão

Fernanda Aragão

Community host, The Yard 031-368 96 76
Mejla Fernanda fernanda.aragao@alvstranden.goteborg.se
Marie Vulpe

Marie Vulpe

Uthyrningsansvarig 031-368 56 16
Mejla Marie marie.vulpe@alvstranden.goteborg.se

Madelene Näslund
Project manager, tech
Direct 031-367 61 19 | Mobile 0707-80 04 54

Charlotta Johansson
Business advisor
Direct 031-367 61 86 | Mobile 0730-61 02 66

Andreas Göthberg
Head of department, Business development and financing
Direct 031-367 61 32 | Mobile 0707-61 24 26

Hanna Blomdahl
Head of corporate relations and cluster development
Phone +46 (0)76 051 75 42

Anna Hafström Kováts
Marketing & Communications Manager
Phone +46 (0)723 515280