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Self driving trucks and concious tech at The Yard

The Yard, Lindholmen Publicerad 10 januari, 2024

Devansh Mehta, the innovator behind a company committed to enhancing safety and consciousness in self-driving trucks, has been an active member of The Yard since the summer of 2023. Devansh praises The Yard for actively cultivating a vibrant tech community and fostering positive collaboration among companies.

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Melina Garhed

Melina Garhed

Näringsliv- och marknadsansvarig 031-368 96 09
Mejla Melina melina.garhed@alvstranden.goteborg.se
Fernanda Aragão

Fernanda Aragão

Community host, The Yard 031-368 96 76
Mejla Fernanda fernanda.aragao@alvstranden.goteborg.se