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Tech company brings back the shipyard feeling to Lindholmen

The Yard, Lindholmen Publicerad 7 december, 2023

A startup company that focuses on smart and innovative transport solutions on waterways moved in to the unique shipyard property at Lindholmen at The Yard.

– The Yard suits us perfectly. It’s also nice to reconnect with history and build boats in this old shipyard area, says Tobias Husberg, founder and CEO of Cstrider, which is one of the latest member additions at The Yard.

The Yard opened up its doors in January this year to offer a unique setting in Lindholmen, Gothenburg, for startups and scaleups in the tech industry. Here the members can combine a huge workshop hall with office space for working on or executing various tests. 

Tobias and the company Cstrider have their roots here at the west coast and is also part of the incubator program at Innovatum Science Park in Trollhättan. But it is here at The Yard that they will build their first prototypes and mock-ups. Bringing back the shipyard feeling for real to the area.

– At The Yard we will build prototype boats and mock-ups, and iterate with real testing – hopefully together with Chalmers, Lindholmen Science Park and RISE (SSPA). So this is no longer the place where ships only used to be built, it will take place here again, says Tobias Husberg.

Space technology on water

Cstrider is reclaiming waterways with their smart transport system that is the future of urban waterborne passenger transportation. Using space technology.

– We build passenger ferries and the complete transport system that can adapt to customized needs of each city. In an environmentally friendly and sustainable way we provide a solution that can reduce commuting time and support increased quality of urban living, says Tobias Husberg.

The choice of becoming a member of the tech arena The Yard at Lindholmen was easy.

– To build and eventually get our boats in and out the size of the space with high sealing and big entrance were the most important thing. Moreover, to be near water is of huge importance to enable testing and iteration, both near and long term. That the building is an old yard is a great bonus, says Tobias Husberg.

The Yard membership

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The initiators

In old shipyard environment, in the middle of everything that makes Gothenburg unique, we create the conditions for passionate tech entrepreneurs to challenge today's solutions. Together, inspired by each other and in collaboration with some of the country's and the world's leading companies, we find new ways. It is in these intersections that innovation is created.

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