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Student´s experiences at The Yard highlights the collaborative spirit of Gothenburg  

The Yard, Lindholmen Publicerad 24 juni, 2024

Students from Chalmers University of Technology did an internship with our member Cstrider this spring, collaborating in the develop of its self-steering boat at The Yard´s workshop hall.

– To just play around for a couple of weeks and problem-solve in the workshop was such a pleasure. We had space, freedom, and coffee. It was simply great, says Gustav Eriksson master´s student of Industrial Design Engineering (MPDES-program) at Chalmers University of Technology.

As part of his thesis, Gustav and his colleagues built a mockup boat to conduct user tests in our workshop hall – “an inspiring space on its own”, in his words.

Collaboration is key for startups

The Yard member Cstrider is a startup focused on smart and innovative transport solutions on waterways. Tobias Husberg, the founder, gave eleven students the time and creativity needed to dive deeply into specific questions that his project needs answers to. Six of them were in Gothenburg, including Gustav Eriksson, who had the incredible opportunity and space to build a full-scale mockup that couldn’t be done at Chalmers.

– We need to have collaborations with both cities, universities, students, and local stakeholders. To build a new transport system, a huge undertaking is needed. It’s not just a boat, emphasizes Tobias Husberg, adding that Cstrider also collaborates with senior researchers, such as our neighbors at the Revere Lab, also a project at Chalmers University.

The construction of the mockup boat became a good visual example of what students can accomplish in the MPDES-program, and it attracted another team from Chalmers, that visited The Yard and filmed the student´s work.

– The Yard has a good environment for collaboration that brings students and the industry closer together, says Anna Edmonds, Educational Technologist, at the Blended Learning Team of the university.

Studenter från Chalmers arbetar med en båtprototyp i verkstadshallen på The Yard Lindholmen , blir samtidigt filmade av ett filmteam.
The master´s student, Gustav Eriksson, of Industrial Design Engineering (MPDES-program) at Chalmers University of Technology designed a user-friendly passenger compartment for the Cstrider self-steering boat as part of his thesis.

Gothenburg collaborative spirit

The presence of students at The Yard somehow highlights the spirit of collaboration between the business community, academia, and public bodies in Gothenburg.

– At The Yard, we are building a community where creative minds are welcome to find tomorrow’s solutions. So, it was great to have such energy from the students and future professionals at our place, says Melina Garhed, Business developer at The Yard and one of the initiators, Älvstranden Utveckling AB.

During 2023, the first official year of its test version, The Yard hosted events for the collaborative project Gothenburg Green City Zone and the Research Institute of Sweden (RISE). In 2024, the focus has been on the workshop hall, where our members can present, develop prototypes, test, and improve their inventions, with the startup spirit of ”learning by doing”.

This collaborative working environment provided by The Yard seems to have the potential to bring significant benefits both on a large scale to society and on a small scale, as demonstrated by the Chalmers student’s internship experience.

– I have always suffered from Analysis Paralysis. I think too much before doing, instead of doing and thinking at the same time. Of course, you must plan, but not too much because that will do more harm than help to your creativity and productivity. You learn so much more from trying, shared Gustav, who plans to keep working in workshops with small teams and create his own company in the future.

Maybe we will see him as a full scale The Yard member sooner than later. Welcome back!


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