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Open doors at The Yard – 24th August

Aktuellt, Älvstranden Utveckling, The Yard, Lindholmen Publicerad 14 augusti, 2023

Ever dreamed of starting a tech company in a Silicon Valley garage? Well, we have an exciting alternative for all you ambitious tech enthusiasts out there! Introducing The Yard, the hottest new tech arena in Gothenburg. Come by the 24th of August and learn more about The Yard, our membership and the huge event area.

While Silicon Valley may have its legendary garages, The Yard offer an innovative environment that brings together the same vibrant energy and entrepreneurial spirit, but with a Scandinavian twist. Here we embrace our inner tech nerds and create a hub where groundbreaking ideas come to life.

At The Yard, we believe in the power of collaboration and support. We are in the beginning of creating a place where like-minded individuals who share the passion for technology and are eager to exchange ideas make a great community. Join us from the very beginning,

Now you have the chance to meet us and check out the place irl. Come by us at Lindholmen on August 24th and talk tech, events, startups, coworking or just grab a coffe.
Hope to see you there!

Open doors

When? 24 August, at 16-17

Where? The Yard, Valdemar Noréns gata 12, Lindholmen