A warm welcome to Fernanda Aragão – our new Community Host

The Yard Publicerad 23 augusti, 2023

Exciting news in the tech universe in Gotheburg. We’re thrilled to introduce the latest addition to The Yard Lindholmen family: Fernanda Aragão as our Community Host.

With her vibrant energy and a background that’s as dynamic as a line of code, we’re certain she’ll be the perfect catalyst for the tech magic that happens here at Lindholmen.

–  I am looking forward to being involved and working for The Yard to continue to grow the community with new members and events.

Before embarking on this exciting journey with us, Fernanda worked at International House Gothenburg and has a background in communications and journalism.

Connect with Fernanda and stay tuned for the fantastic tech adventures ahead. Together, we’ll continue to amplify Lindholmen’s reputation as a tech arena where connections are forged, creativity thrives, and possibilities are limitless.